Physics Equipment

In Physics Section we have poroducts related to Electrostatic, Mechanics, Optics, Electricity And Magnetism, Physics Equipment etc.

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Chemistry Equipment

In Chemisry Section we have poroducts related to Dessicators , Gas Preparation, Glass Tubings, Petri Dishes, Spatulas etc.

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Biology Equipment

In Biology Section we have poroducts related to Anatomy, Torso Models, Microscope Slides, Cover Glass, Mounted Specimen etc.

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Engineering Electronic Instruments

In Engineering Electronic Instruments section we have poroducts related to Test and Measurement Equipments, Technical Trainers .

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All Other Products

In this Section we have poroducts related to Test and Measurement Equipments, Technical Trainers .

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Why Choose Us

International Biological Laboratories was established in the year 1958 to research, manufacture export various science and educational requisites for schools, colleges and international market and under the trademark Now this is the third generation and is a modern organization with latest technology and efficient policies.

Since inception what has changed, is the range of products we have introduced over the time to serve every need in the industry. What hasn't changed however is our commitment to precision and quality.

The company has its own in-house manufacturing units, so as to have total control over quality and produciton. This sense of belonging has brought interlabs to attain new heights of success.

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Featured Poducts

Interlab's dedication to the service of science, education, health and industry is the rich heritage of the company which continues today and will be fostered in future too.

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Highlights of India Tech 2000 Exhibition
(23rd Sept - 26th Sept, 2000)

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